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When my oldest son was two, I wrote the following paragraphs. I thought I’d share them for your reflection.

One thing I’ve noticed about my son is how fully present he is. Whatever he is engaged in, he engages in it completely. Whatever draws his attention captures it, if only for an instant. He is constantly observing, seeing, interpreting.

Granted, his attention span is very short. To the extent he engages with a thing, he will ignore it in the next instant if the whim catches him.

Tonight I saw him roll a blue monster truck toy (sized just right for his 25-month-old-big hands) around and around my parent’s coffee table, calling out incessantly for “Babesh” (the name he assigned to Grandma for a while) to “Play Mock Truk!” He would not relent! He would not take no for an answer! If Grandma got up to leave, he would pull her by whatever part of her jeans he could reach and haul her back into the fray.

As an adult, I see those actions and I think, well there you have it, evidence of original sin and inherited rebellion. Certainly those things are noticable in him – how many times has he looked at me with an impish tilt to his mouth and a gleam in his eye as he prepares to push a boundary! – but what if such a relentless attitude is part of what Jesus meant when he said that unless we become like a little child, we will not enter the Kingdom of God?

If I looked at the world with the knowledge I have now as an adult, but with the intense focus, endless curiosity, and insistence on action of my two-year-old son, how would that help me enter the Kingdom of God? Or perhaps help me see more clearly the parts of it that are now established?

The featured image for this post is a picture of my son and I taken by Maggie Shackelford Photography. I highly, highly recommend her services, particularly for birth and family photography. Check out Maggie’s website here – – and be sure to find her on Facebook and Instagram.